Togahan #1: A Togahan’s Tale

Dante Nissomo is a young cocky gunfighter making his bones in his father’s smuggling business on the moon Neo. When he’s forced to kill in a cascade of bad situations gone worse, he drags the family further down into an arena of cutthroat underworld figures and gangland war. When the smoke clears, who will be left standing to tell the togahan’s tale?

A Togahan’s Tale is the first book in the Togahan series, and is available now on:

Togahan #2: A Togahan Returns

When approached by a strange colonel with an appealing purpose, Dante Nissomo leaves the criminal underworld behind to join a mercenary team. He reluctantly accepts a new alliance with an old enemy, but then questions his decision as he learns more about his team and his own capabilities. When a mission returns him to his home moon of Neo and hundreds of lives hang in the balance, Dante is forced to choose between keeping a mercenary’s honor and fulfilling a togahan’s duty.

A Togahan Returns is the second book in the Togahan series and is available now on:

Togahan #3: A Togahan’s Chance

Imprisoned for four years, Dante Nissomo seizes a chance at freedom with the unlikeliest partners. But when the escape plan goes sideways, they stumble into a larger arena and a plot threatening far more innocents. Will the reluctant allies put aside their differences and risk everything on a far-flung chance to prevent a greater catastrophe?

A Togahan’s Chance is the third book in the Togahan series and is available now on:

Togahan #4: A Togahan’s Debt

As the feratus plague spreads over the planet Earn, Major Calamandar and Vanguard Kanisara hope to find the means to a cure on the savage planet Parak. Burdened with the spark of Agherisus and entrusted with the impossible task of rekindling a dynasty of near-extinct dargosts, Dance Nissomo joins their quest, hoping to aid his friends, relieve his burdened mind, and settle his past debts in this fast-paced, harrowing fourth installment of the Togahan series.

A Togahan’s Debt is the fourth book in the Togahan series and is available now on:

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