Not quite a head shot

So I just wrapped up playing Far Cry 3 (I got it for cheap when Far Cry 4 came out last year), and found it thoroughly enjoyable. They did a good job with the open sandbox world, while still driving you through a main plot arc. Liberating the various enemy strongholds was strangely relaxing as I utilized the game’s well constructed sneaking and take-down functions. And it had an impressive arsenal of modern weapons which you could customize. My favorite was the Bushman rifle, unlocked toward the end of the game, and in general I enjoyed any of the SMGs or ARs with suppressors.

But something was up with the auto-aim. This is a feature on most games where the computer helps you (sometimes dramatically, sometimes very, very subtly) by adjusting your aim toward a target. Some games really fine-tune this feature so that you don’t even notice the game doing it, but as you get better scopes and other enhancements, your aim noticeably improves.

In my case, the auto-aim favored the crotch.

I don’t know what was up – maybe it had sometime to do with the sneaking mechanism – but with the Bushman, I found I was more often spraying enemies in the junk and ass, watching them hunch over as if they just ate a bad meal. Not only did it cost more ammo, it was just a piss-poor, ungraceful way to take them down. Or maybe the game had nothing to do with it, and my aim just sucks. I don’t know. Regardless; fun game.

Now I’m on to Fallout 4, which has a very different feel to the aiming mechanism, aside from the whole V.A.T.S. approach. I’m enjoying the fact that you can actually recycle all the in-game items into usable materials this time around. And reinforcing the town is the only bit I can actually play guilt-free in front of my daughters. (It feels very much like Minecraft, and there’s no gore when you build stuff.) If I see any notable behaviors, I’ll let you know. And no, the V.A.T.S. has no entry for “crotch”.

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  1. bvanlaarhoven says:

    Very funny post Pete!

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