I have no idea how to market this

Seriously, I’m lost here. Writing the story was easy. Editing was arduous, but I understood the process. Marketing? No clue. I know there’s a bunch of people out there who’ll find the Togahan series interesting, but how do I reach them? And more importantly, how do I achieve this without spamming the world? Conventional wisdom says to create a web page, a blog, a twitter feed, a social networking page or two, but then what? I’m shooting for the same viral popularity that another 1,000,000 writers are. How do I ascend that virtual slush pile? I think the first step is to figure out who my readers are, then figure out how to reach them.

Who are the ideal Togahan readers? They’re not locked into a single genre, but enjoy fast paced sci-fi of any flavor, fantasy from time to time, the occasional spy yarn, contemporary supernatural, and gritty non-fiction.

I am not claiming that ATT is all of those things. I’d call it “sci-fi Mafioso”, but you could probably pigeon-hole it as “space cowboy”. ATT’s sequel, A Togahan Returns is more “progressive fantasy” where the lines between tech and magic are blurred, and you don’t really mind. In fact, I would call the entire series progressive fantasy, because it’s based on a simple premise: If you took your typical fantasy world and watched the races develop technology for 2000+ years, what would it look like?

Anyone intrigued by that is my ideal reader. Now, how do I get them to buy my book? Please tell me what you know.

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