Use What You Have: The Lineup

At one point, I needed a comparative height chart with all the Togahan races (like something you’d see in an RPG* manual). This would help me visualize scenes and blocking, and insert mannerisms where they were required. I once tried sketching one, but it’s….poor:

First height chart-p1

So I thought about it more, and then because I have so many toys in the attic*, I pulled together the relevant bits, and created this graphic:height_chart_annotatedIt’s a little sloppy, but it gets the job done. Plus, if I need to choreograph a fight scene, I can take them down and act it out. Pyew! Pyew! Smash!

(Bonus points if you can ID all the figures.)

*Role Playing Game (like D&D), for you non-nerds.

**I write in my attic office, where I also have a large collection of toys spanning 30+ years, so, yeah, literally: toys in the attic.

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