An Announcement and a Teaser

Today I’m happy to announce that the title of the forthcoming third novel in the Togahan series is A Togahan’s Chance. Due out in mid-2016, ATC continues Dante’s story.

“Previously, on A Togahan’s Tale…”

We last saw Dante imprisoned after having saved the shyvarin tribe, enabling them to escape Khovost Mountain and Sorena’s impending takeover. His first days in prison, Dante noticed certain elements that he’d need to align to earn his freedom. But that would take some time…

A Togahan’s Chance picks up Dante’s thread four years later, with nearly all the elements in place for his escape. But to earn his freedom, he’ll have to embrace the concept of chance—the chance to escape, the chance to do the right thing, a once in a lifetime chance to be a togahan. Ancient forces arise from the ashes of the Heaven’s War. Old faces resurface, and new ones join ranks to face off against a foe that threatens everyone in every arena.

More than before, Dante will have the chance to turn his life in a new direction and commit himself to something greater. But with that greatness comes great responsibility, great risk, and great sacrifice. And at the end of it all, the weight of his choices and what he inherits may just crush him.

Keep watching this space for more teasers, backstory, and other information. Have any questions? Ask them in the comments!

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