2016 Q3 Progress Report

Hello, everyone! Here’s my third progress report for the year on various ventures. Yes, it’s right after my Q2 report, a shameful bit related to my second goal, below. Read on:

Read 20 books in 2016: I’m in the middle of reading To Kill a Mockingbird, a classic I might have skimmed in high school, but of which I otherwise have no memory. It’s an interesting exercise, reading this and knowing that it was the originator of some conventions. This marks my 11th book for the year (out of 20), or just barely 50% done with 25% of the year left. I’ll have to read (does some math….) about a book every nine days to make the goal. It’s possible, especially if I get trapped for three days in a library for some reason, but I’m not holding my breath. I gotta dig up some page turners. Any recommendations?

Write 36 posts in 2016: Ahahahaha…This will be my 8th post for the year, putting this goal at 22% complete. There have been zero posts since the last progress report, but …it’s also been summer (some travel, some gatherings, some relaxing…) Maybe I need to post more drivel. Drivel, anyone?

Release A Togahan’s Chance (Togahan #3): We’re on schedule for a release before Thanksgiving, possibly sooner, although I won’t commit to it. I’m in the final formatting right now. EPub looks good, and I’m about to do the .mobi format for Kindle. Then there’s some paperwork and a couple other things I’m forgetting (it’s been three years since my last release, and I’m trying to find all my notes on what I have to do…). But we’re very close. According to the mega schedule, I’m 94% done. We’re in the home stretch, folks.

A Togahan’s Chance is the third book in the Togahan series, and while not a trilogy per se, it feels like a milestone. The book does wrap up some of the hanging threads from the previous one, and starts exploring new ones. Three books feels like a hat trick of some sort. Three books feels good. I’m excited to start work on number four, too. Stay tuned.

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