2017 Q-something Progress Report

At this point, I’ve blown so far past the Q2 deadline that this is more of a Q3 progress report, so please forgive the tardiness (or celebrate the earliness!). This summer has been a roller coaster of interruptions and obligations, but regardless, I will try to be more diligent in the updates. So, where am I, this far in the year?

Read 20 books in 2017: I’m currently enjoying the post-apocalyptic Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey, who is basically the poster child for successful Kindle publishing. Wool incorporates subtly animated gifs intended to enhance the reading experience, and my opinion is kind of mixed. While the artwork is decent, the experience is not as dynamic as a full-on graphic novel. In some instances, the images enhance the scene; in others I found it a little distracting. Overall, I think I could take them or leave them. Regardless, I’m enjoying the story. Wool is my 12th book for the year, putting this goal at 60% complete with about 60% of the calendar gone by. I’ve lost most of my lead at this one, so hopefully my progress doesn’t slip any more. (I could count the Nancy Drew books that I’ve been reading my daughters at bed time, but that feels like cheating. Maybe I’ll count those as one big book at the end of the year…)

Write 24 posts in 2016: >sigh< This post is my 5th for the year, putting me at 20% complete at 60% of the year gone. This is not likely to improve much.

Start Work on Togahan #4 (title TBD):  I’ve been making steady but sluggish progress on this. Word count is in the neighborhood of 44,000 with 15.2% complete on the master schedule. Just this past week “life” has interrupted more than usual, so I think I’m 7-10 days behind schedule. I can recoup that, if only I can find the time somewhere… Right now I’m nearing a collision scene where several plot threads intersect, and I get a little anxious when I do those—there’s a lot of moving parts. Despite all that, it remains fun. And that’s the point, right?

How’s your summer going?

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