March 2020 Progress Report

Another month gone, it’s time to check in with my goals and where things are at, for those who are keeping score at home. At this point we’re about 9 weeks into the new year (9/52 or 17% of the way through the year).

Read 20 books in 2020: I finally finished The Secret of Platform 13 with my daughters, am launching into an other Eva Ibbotson staple, Which Witch?, and remain firmly in the middle of Obsidio and Mistborn. So far I’ve completed four books for the year, or 4/20 = 20%. For once, I’m slightly ahead of my goal here. Hooray for me.

Write 38 Posts in 2020: This post is my 6th for the year, or about 15% completed for the year. I’m slightly behind here, despite my shameless shift to writing monthly progress reports instead of quarterly ones.

Get back on Schedule for Togahan #4: So this is shifting to the right again. At the moment, an early draft is in the hands of nine beta readers (I added a couple from last time around). So far, four of them have returned comments and feedback, and I’m patiently waiting on the others. (Hey, people have lives…). In the meantime I started working on the cover art, and will soon be announcing the title of the forthcoming book. Filling in the mega schedule, I’ve slipped to ~188 days behind schedule, putting my estimated publishing date somewhere in mid 2021. As I incorporate the beta reader feedback and go through the second revision, I hope to regain some ground, so we’ll see. It would be GREAT if I could release it for the holidays this year, but I’m not promising anything. In fact, don’t plan on it, that way IF it happens, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Record the first chapter for A Togahan’s Tale: Still haven’t started this, still waiting until the summer.

Walk 5+ miles every day: Let’s update the table.

  This month Last Month
Days 65 39
Successes 53 31
% Success 82% 79%
Average daily miles 5.61 5.57
Total miles 364.73 217.13

Compared with last month, my success rate went up three points, and my average daily miles also improved a bit. So I missed fewer days this time around, upgraded to a B, and if I keep at it—especially during the summer—I hope to get that to a solid A.

Inch by inch, I’m moving forward. See you next month!


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