2016 Q1 Progress Report

Ugh. Once again, I’m lagging on all things that aren’t the book. This should have gone out a few days couple of weeks ago. Mea culpa. Here’s the status of my 2016 stated goals:

Read 20 books in 2016: I finished Saturn’s Children, and picked up a copy of Myke Cole’s new Javelin Rain, which I’m enjoying. But for the books I’ve actually read, I’m at…3/20, which puts me at 15% complete with 30% of the year gone by. I need to pick up the pace and/or read some shorter books. Part of the problem is that I picked up that damn Fallout Shelter app game, which fills in much of the cracks. And while the game has given me several insights, I haven’t formed those into anything cogent enough to write a post about, except for that April Fools post, but arguably, that doesn’t count.

Write 36 posts in 2016: LOL, I’m falling behind on that one too, even though it’s a lower goal than last year. This post is my 5th for the year (14% done), and it’s late. That says something about priortization, I suppose. Although after reading Chuck Wendig’s post about platforms I don’t feel so bad. I tend to get more positive feedback on things that are more entertaining than insightful. I think I’m overthinking this one, and I need to just relax and write about whatever entertains me. Yes, less thinking is in order.

Release A Togahan’s Chance (Togahan #3): This is actually on track for a Thanksgiving-ish release, with the project at 81% complete. The manuscript is in the hands of my wonderful editor Nancy, who is diligently marking where I need to correct 4,000+ comma errors (I’m not exaggerating that number), and other things. Once I get that back (probably in 2-3 weeks), I can plow through the copy edits, format for release, finish up the back matter, etc, some light book keeping, and then you should have a copy for the e-device of your choice as you’re on your way to gobbling turkey. That’s the goal, anyway, and the one I take most seriously.

I have some professional obligations coming up for my day job in June, which will demand some outside time, but I’m trying to work things so that the writing schedule isn’t impacted. Also, I need to get some S.W.A.G. printed up for promotional purposes – probably pens again; everyone loves/needs/uses pens. Any suggestions?

Anyway, that’s the state of things. I’ll do another one of these in June, hopefully closer to the proper half-time.

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