2016 End of Year Progress Report

Success! This year’s end of year report is not as late as last year’s end of year report! One of these years, this will actually be timely. Regardless, let’s take a look at the goals and progress from 2016, then set some goals for 2017.

Read 20 books in 2016: According to my goodreads account, I “shelved” 18 books, but I go by the completion dates, and according to those, I completed only 16 books in 2016, giving me an overall grade of 80%, or a B-. Eh, it’s passing. I was trying to finish Journey to the Ants but didn’t quite make it at the end. The good news there is that I’m starting 2017 with that book finished on January 2. With a 2017 goal of 20 books again, I’m already 5% toward that goal with only 0.5% of the year gone by! Woohoo! Maybe I’ll actually meet that goal this year. In a future post, I plan to break down what I’ve ready in 2015 and 2016, just to see where my tastes are.

Write 36 posts in 2016: Yeah, I shit the bed on this one. I wrote 12 posts in 2016, or 33%, for a grade of F. I struggled with this one, for all the writer-block reasons. Honestly, it was a problem I threw on the backburner because I just wanted to get the next novel done. I’ll give this some thought this year. Maybe I can restructure my time differently, but I don’t want to just write shit for volume. You deserve better. New goal for 2016: Let’s shoot for 24 posts this year, and see if I can actually make it.

Release A Togahan’s Chance: 100% complete! A+ with a gold star! Yaaaaay! ATC released on October 23, 2016, more or less “on schedule”, given that the schedule shifted back and forth a bit. Of the three goals, this was the most important, and the most fulfilling. After all, the reading and blogging are there to support the end product – the novels.  Completing my third novel feels good. Initial reviews have been good. I’m happy with this one. New goal for 2017: Start work on AT4, the current nickname for the next project. A Togahan’s Chance left the characters with some unfinished business, and AT4 gets down to business! I have a rough sense of where the story is going, but I need to do some research and plotting to get all the bits in where they need to go. I’m shooting to get this out in less than three years (about what I did for ATC), so the 2017 goal is to get 33% done with the new super-streamlined mega-schedule.

I’m hopeful to be productive in 2017. We’ll see in a couple of months where that’s at. I hope your 2017 is as productive as you want it to be.


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