2023 Year Start Status Report

Yes, I know it’s February. Shut up. This is what was supposed to be my year end report and goal setting for 2023. Sometimes you need to try something different, when the old methods get stale. I’ll try that with this year’s goals. Let’s roll.

Read 20 Books – This will always be a yearly goal, and probably the one thing I won’t tweak. Looking over the past few years, I’ve made or exceeded that goal only a couple of times, but that number seems right, and I will continue reading for the rest of my life. I still read to my daughters, and it remains an enriching experience. I hope they read to their kids, and I continue to marvel at their imagination and vocabulary.

Write Posts – I’m not assigning a number to this anymore. That always seemed to hang over my head, and made me run in the opposite direction. I’m just going to post when I feel like it, and instead focus on the goal of writing (novels, posts, backstory, anything) on a more regular basis (see below).

Walk 5+ miles every day – In 2021, I averaged 5.07 miles per day; 2022 I did only 4.21. I’m already behind the 8-ball this year, but I thought of a new way to track my number, and hopefully that’ll encourage me to get out more. I found that as the year slogged on, it became harder to bump that average by much, which dissuaded me from trying. I’m going to try tracking a 21 day average instead, and maybe that’ll motivate me to keep that number up. Regardless, I have a lot of audio books cued, and as the weather improves I hope to get out more.

Set Aside Time for Writing – Right now my writing habits have gone to shit, so rather than chasing a word goal or page count, for 2022, I’m going to set time goals in order to reform better habits. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. Right now this goal is to set aside 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. I may increase that later, depending on circumstances.

I still feel like I’m getting back on the horse after a long convalescence. I’m guessing that a lot of us are. The best we can do it start small and build steadily, forgive ourselves for our setbacks, and keep coming back.

Thank you for continuing to come back. I appreciate it.


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