A House Unbuilt

There’s something inspiring about raw materials.

I’ll walk into an office supply store and look at all the notebooks and pens, all the cork boards and post-its, and I see potential. When I walk into a hardware store, I’m filled with ideas and possibilities and plans and so many more things than I’ll ever get to do, but I’m excited nonetheless, because I’m inspired to start something new; to create.

When I drive by a fresh housing lot and see the foundation recently poured, and a stack of wood or a-frames ready to go, I’m left wondering what the finished product will be. I can see all the pieces, but can’t yet see the whole.

It’s like that with the next book (nicknamed AT5 until I find the title). I have scenes, propositions, ideas, and characters, plot twists and forks. Right now it’s all just a mish-mash of content. I don’t yet know what order they go in, or what goes with what, or what will be fleshed out or cropped out. I just see the ideas, and the potential, and I am excited to get started.

And that starts right here. I left some of my characters in the lurch. I left some with goals. I left others with questions. I left you, my readers, with some questions. And I don’t want to leave you hanging. I want to answer what I can in the prose of AT5. I can guess what some of them are, but you may have others that I’m unaware of. Let me know what they are either in the comments or by contacting me directly. Let me know all the materials I have to work with as I survey this house unbuilt.

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