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2016 Q2 Progress Report

Hey folks! Sticking my head up again to keep you abreast of my progress. I’m still plodding along on 2016 goals. I’ve been getting more questions on when A Togahan’s Chance will be released. See below. Read 20 books in … Continue reading

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A Togahan’s Chance – First Look at the Cover

I finalized the cover this week, and am thrilled to give you a peak at it. For my next post, I’ll talk about how I put it all together. What are your first impressions?

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2016 Q1 Progress Report

Ugh. Once again, I’m lagging on all things that aren’t the book. This should have gone out a few days couple of weeks ago. Mea culpa. Here’s the status of my 2016 stated goals: Read 20 books in 2016: I … Continue reading

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The Precise Art of Naming Characters

So I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout Shelter, and as my vault dwellers produced offspring or I welcomed newcomers to the vault, I jumped on the opportunity to name or rename the characters. This was a perfect place for … Continue reading

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Not quite a head shot

So I just wrapped up playing Far Cry 3 (I got it for cheap when Far Cry 4 came out last year), and found it thoroughly enjoyable. They did a good job with the open sandbox world, while still driving … Continue reading

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2015 End of Year Progress Report

Yes, it’s late. Anyway, here is the current status of the three initiatives from last year. I didn’t do all I set out to; some of it fell short. But here they are in order of completion (or not): Read … Continue reading

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The Bowcaster

For those of you not obsessed with Star Wars, the bowcaster is Chewbacca’s signature weapon. Oh, before we go on, spoilers for The Force Awakens are below. Stop reading here if that’s a thing for you. Ok? . .

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Why I’m boycotting the new Star Wars movie…

…trailers. Zing! You fell for my click bait. No wait! Don’t leave! I’ll explain. (And of course I’m going to see the movie). I first saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977. I was four. Darth Vader scared the … Continue reading

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The Bandsaw

My brother once told me a story about some buddies of his who majored in woodshop and carpentry design. For their final projects, they made elaborately crafted furniture. As the end of the semester approached, their deadlines loomed, and the … Continue reading

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8 things I learned from playing Fallout Shelter

For those of you who are not geeks, Fallout Shelter is an app game where you manage a post-nuclear-apocalyptic survivor’s vault, trying to keep all of your dwellers alive, fed, happy, and radiation-free. You do this by building rooms, generating … Continue reading

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