#3 Rough Draft is done!

Last night I finished the rough draft for Togahan novel #3, which continues to follow Dante Nissomo. I’m feeling pretty good, but it’s a weird, quiet elation. It’s a milestone, a gate. I’m far from done, because it’s not released.

I started the draft in October 2013, and completed it yesterday, January 7, 2015, about fifteen months total. This novel came in at 177,140 words, or about 435 pages if it were printed, spread out over 21 chapters and an epilogue. It’s a bit high for novels – much of what hits print now averages between 90,000 and 120,000 words. (Yes, there are a bunch of exceptions).

Several times I considered  breaking it up into two novels, but in the end decided against it. The word count would have been short (80-90k per), and there wasn’t a good place to break it up and then achieve two, separate, three-act stories without a lot of rework. Once I pulled at those threads, it started to fall apart. So I decided to keep it one novel. The story is what it is.

I conclude a few arcs, build on others, and leave plenty of room to grow in the next novel. I’m satisfied with where it is, for now.

According to my Excel schedule however, the project is only 50.0% of the way toward a late 2016 release. I made a lot of progress improving that from an originally estimated summer 2017 release, though. Hopefully I can keep up this pace, and who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy Dante’s next adventure by this time next year. Cross your fingers.

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