2015 Q1 Progress Report

This week I’ll give you an update on the status of things. Current goals are:

Release Novel #3: The first revision is going a bit slower than I’d like, because I’m changing more in the rough draft than I had originally anticipated. I’m currently in the middle of chapter 4 (out of 21). According to the mega-schedule, the whole project is 52.6% percent complete. I might be able to make up some time later this spring and summer. I’ll keep at it. I don’t want to throw out any possible release dates yet, as the schedule is still rubber-banding a lot.

Write 52 posts in 2015: This post marks my 13th one for the year. This being the 11th week, I’m about on schedule, and still working to make the posts less lame.

Read 20 books in 2015: I’m almost done reading Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, which I’m really enjoying—it’s a very tight, fast moving read. I have trouble putting it down. That will be the third book I’ve completed this year, leaving 17 more to read in 41 weeks, or about 16 days/book. Still do-able at my slow-ass reading pace. I’m including both fiction and non-fiction in this, and fiction will cross whatever genres pique my interest. I was looking forward to reading Catcher in the Rye, but the entire e-copy I purchased was center-justified. It was like reading an amateur web page from the 90’s and so visually distracting that I had to put it down by page 3. I might hit the library for that one.

If nothing else, the schedule and this blog have kept me accountable for my progress, if only to myself. In the past, I’ve drifted off my schedule, chasing multi-week distractions, only later having to revise the schedule when I got back on task. While I have several temptations calling me away from the keyboard, I really want to look back on this year with some pride. We’ll see. Summer is right around the corner.

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